Moving OCD


My job has me moving quite often. In fact I am now packing for my 15th time in 27 years. I have this packing thing down pretty good. The negative (might be positive for some. Lol) is that I become OCD for the first month of packing and then go crazy the last few weeks. Lol.
But, this said, there are some great ideas/tips that I’ve come across and/or invented to have a smoother move. Thought that I would share some ideas with y’all.

Let’s start with the basics. Boxes vs. Containers



I’m literally split on this. I put all books and board games in boxes. The straight sides help keep them in shape. I also use boxes for my bulky plastic ware. Ie Tupperware, Rubbermaid.

Most everything else I now try using plastic. But, I’ve learned the hard/expensive way, to use heavy duty ones, only. And the smaller tough ones are stronger when piled high in a truck.

image Too soft

imageHeavy duty

Whatever you’re using, ALWAYS use the smallest one your item will fit into. Books, always go in the small boxes. Too heavy otherwise. Plasticware can go in a large box, since they’ll be bulky, but light.

Now that you’ve chosen what box/container, how can you keep track of what is in it. Many people will write on the box with a permanent marker; I don’t. I do use markers, but, like to not permanently mar a box/container.

There are Post Its that are mostly adhesive which work great on boxes and later can be peeled off, if needed. Do NOT use regular Post Its. You will probably need to go to an office supply store for these special Post Its; I do. They can be used on plastic containers, but, will need to be written on first, then use packing tape to hold it in place.

image  On boximage On container

When I arrive at a new location, I hope to have help in unloading. With that in mind, I use stickers and colored duct tape. The red sticker, means heavy. I also use green and yellow, accordingly.

The duct tape color tells what room it should go into. In the new “home” I place a paper with the color duct tape on it at the entrance to it’s corresponding room. That way anyone helping unload can put the correct box in the correct room.

This move, I’m trying something new. I’ve bought a box of mailing pouches and some index cards. I’m writing on the cards the basic info on the container/box. The pouches can remain on the containers from move to move and just change the inserted cards to reflect what’s inside. Do NOT seal the pouch.

image Gotta love my Disney plates.

What about what’s inside? Don’t skimp on bubble wrap (sm. and lg.) nor packing paper.

Once you’ve wrapped things individually, fill the box as tightly as possible. Once it’s filled, use crumpled packing paper to fill in any spaces.

Well, there is a lot involved in packing and moving. I hope these things I’ve learned, the hard way, will help you in your next move. Have fun?