What Am I Missing?


With the terrorist attack, in France, yesterday, I began thinking. That might just be dangerous, but, here are my musings. And my questions come down to, “What am I missing?”

Why is Mohammed so revered? It is as if he is the one being worshipped, by Muslims, rather than Allah himself. I mean, I am a Christian, and Christianity and Judaism have great prophets in our religion. Men like Jeremiah, Daniel, Isaiah, Elijah, Elisha, Nahum, Habbakuk, Amos, Jonah, Samuel etc. we respect these men of God. We think highly of them and the message they brought to us, from God. But, we don’t worship them. We don’t make it against the law to picture them. We worship God, not his messengers. We recognize the Arch Angel Gabriel as God’s celestial messenger and don’t even worship him. He is supernatural and still not worshipped. God is the only proper object of our Christian worship. What am I missing?

So why is it so important to venerate Mohammed? Why is he so important? Who made this “law” about not making snide comments about him? They say it is part of their sharia law. They say it is sacrilegious. Why is it sacrilegious? He was just a man! They say he rose to heaven from the Temple Mount. Well, Elijah was taken up to Heaven himself. So what?! Actually, I think it was Mohamed, himself, who made that rule. How self-important of him. Who did he think he was? Did he consider himself as important as the god he was forcing huge swaths of the Middle East to worship? What am I missing?

If he truly believed in a god named Allah, then why did he try to elevate his own importance in comparison? Why didn’t he point humbly to Allah as the only true proper object of worship? Is this part of the religion? What am I missing?

I know that the Koran supposedly mentions Jesus as a prophet. As a Christian, I don’t believe Him to be a mere prophet. He is God; God incarnate. God made himself in human form. That is why we worship Him. Mohamed isn’t Allah in human for. So why is he worshipped. Why are people killed because they drew a cartoon about him? I am confused about this. What am I missing?


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